Drill Rod - Drill PipeFor Horizontal Directional Drilling and Boring

HDD Drill Rod & Pipe for Directional Drilling

When it comes to tough, reliable drill rods, TuffRod manufactures high-quality HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) drill pipe.

Our high quality horizontal directional drilling products conquer the most demanding projects. From tunneling under roadways to drilling under heavily congested areas as well as environmentally sensitive areas, we service all major small to mid-size horizontal directional drilling rigs. In particular we manufacture and supply compatible drill rods and pipes for the following HDD’s.
At every step of our manufacturing process, we test and monitor our drill rods and pipes to ensure your project keeps moving forward in the field. From Tensile Strength to Elongation our high-quality drill rods and pipes are manufactured to specifications required to withstand the daily demands in the field.
  • Tensile strength is the maximum stress the material will sustain before fracture.
  • Yield strength is the stress corresponding to a specified permanent (plastic) deformation which is the point at which the material yields and won’t spring back.

Ditch Witch® Compatible Drill Pipe

Ditch Witch® Directional Drills are manufactured for every type of job site and installation. Manufactured to S135 industry standard specifications, our drill pipes undergo a rigorous quality control inspection process to ensure our rods are manufactured for maximum rod strength.
  • Tensile Strength 145,000 PSI
  • Yield Strength 135,000 PSI

TT Technologies

Our TT Technologies compatible drill pipe is the highest quality drill pipe that technology will allow.
  • Tensile Strength 145,000 PSI
  • Yield Strength 135,000 PSI

Toro® Drill Rod

Toro’s® underground directional drills deliver the optimal combination of torque and pullback thrust for superior performance.
  • Tensile Strength 145,000 PSI.
  • Yield Strength 135,000 PSI.

Vermeer® Compatible Drill Pipes

Vermeer® offers a wide range of size and power offerings across their drill lineup, and TuffRod manufactures Vermeer compatible drill pipes to keep the job moving. Our Drill pipes for Vermeer horizontal directional drills are built to S135 industry standard specifications.
  • Tensile Strength 145,000 PSI
  • Yield Strength 135,000 PSI

Range 2 Drill Pipe

TuffRod offers a complete line of New or Premium Used Range 2 Drill Pipes to fit your project needs. The pipe is not used for Oil/Gas wells. It carries the oil from the producing facilities.

Range 2 drill pipes, manufactured to S135 industry standard specifications (Range 2 pipe has much highest yield and tensile specifications).

What is HDD?

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) offers a minimal impact trenchless method of installing cables, conduit and pipe. Suitable for a variety of soils and obstacles such as roadways, landscape, river crossings and wetlands.

HDD drilling is an essential part of the Oil and Gas industry, Utility Industry (natural gas, sewer, and water), Telecommunications (Fiber / Cable), Geothermal, and Land Scaping.

TuffRod HDD Quality Control

At TuffRod we carefully control all phases of the manufacturing process, from raw material selection to the most rigorous quality control inspection processes of any manufacturer in the industry, our drill rods are manufactured for maximum rod strength.
  • Raw material
  • Internal and external upset forging
  • A highly specialized heat treatment process
  • Precision machined pin & box connections
The final stage of the manufacturing process for our drill rods is a rigorous quality control inspection process. We manufacture the highest quality drill pipe that technology will allow.

HDD Drill Rod Manufacturing Processes

TuffRod utilizes the three most common manufacturing methods which are 1-Piece Forged, Inertia Welded, and Press Fit & Welded.

1-Piece Internal & External (IEU) Forged Drill Pipe

Our IEU integral forged or 1-Piece forged drill pipe is made up solely from one piece of material. The pipe has the same chemical makeup for the threaded connections and the mid-body tube with no weld zone between them.

Inertia Welded Drill Pipe

Our inertia welded drill pipe is made from three separate pieces that include the mid-body tube and two threaded connections or tool joints. The interim weld process is a solid-state welding technique that forges metal together without causing a melt to occur. Because there is no melt product produced during the inertia weld, there is no recast metal or grain enlargement.

TuffRod, Simply the Best Drill Rod on the Planet

Servicing all major small to mid-size directional drilling rigs, TuffRod is here to make sure you have the right drill rod for your HDD project. Our focus is on manufacturing high-quality drill rods and at the best quality and price.

Our respected experts are available to ensure that you get the drill pipe to fit your equipment to the exact specifications you need. No downtime, just the right pipe to keep your horizontal directional drilling project on schedule.

Our high-quality products are manufactured to conquer even the most demanding drilling projects. To learn more about our HDD Drill Rods for Vermeer®, Ditch Witch®, Toro® & TT Technologies by TuffRod, contact TuffRod or call (844) 586-9354 today!


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